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A 2017 Wall Street Journal survey found that employers have a very or somewhat difficult time finding people with the requisite soft skills. But what if employers are looking for soft skills and are not seeing them? The vast majority of mid-size and large employers in the US, UK and Canada utilize Applicant Tracking Systems.

There are more employers that claim soft skills are hard to find than hard skills

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) make it possible for employers to post new positions online and manage the hundreds of applicants who typically respond to each opportunity. No human hiring manager reviews hundreds of applications.

Instead, the ATS produces a manageable number of viable candidates for the hiring manager to review. How does the ATS do this? It’s not magic, but rather a keyword-based filter, comparing resumes to the posted job description, and passing through candidates who appear to be a better match.

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The keyword-based filter at the top of the hiring funnel of most employers has a number of interesting knock-on effects. One is the phenomenon of resume spam: candidates who literally copy the job description in white font into their resume in order to get past the screen. A second is an over-emphasis on technical skills.

Faced with the need to differentiate hundreds candidates for every online posting, employers have added many new job requirements most of which are technical.

According to Burning Glass, technical skills now dominate in terms of the sheer number of competencies demanded in job descriptions more than cognitive and soft skills combined for virtually every career.

While the dominance of technical skills in job descriptions is probably a reflection of the fact that it’s easier to come up with 10 technical requirements for a job than 10 different ways of saying problem solving or communication skills, this is the reality Millennials face in being seen by hiring managers. Because if they don’t have these technical skills, they’re not making it through the ATS filter. And if they’re not making through the ATS filter, they’re effectively invisible to employers.

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Does this mean there’s a soft skills shortage or that Millennials are all late, disorganized poor communicators? The punctual, organized and well-spoken Millennials whom employers should want have played by the rules and completed college degrees.

But because nearly all colleges and universities continue to live in a bubble, floating high above the mundane concerns of the labor market, and because they continue to believe that the job of higher education is to prepare students for their fifth job.

Colleges have not seriously undertaken to provide last mile technical training to students. So all these Millennials are missing.

The first is giving all Millennials a chance to become visible to employers through last-mile technical training

The second is that employers need to escape the tyranny of the keyword-based filter at the top of their hiring funnel. Employers need to demand that their ATS vendors like Taleo (Oracle) incorporate new technologies that allow them to screen (and search) on competencies rather than keywords.

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The shift to competency-based hiring is inevitable and will broaden the top of the funnel to include candidates with great soft skills, and likely more diverse backgrounds than the current pedigree- and degree-based hiring system allows.

Gyroscope founder Anand Sharma seems pretty content when we meet up for a walk to The Mill, a hip cafe known for its $4 toast in San Francisco’s NOPA neighborhood. It’s a rare sunny day in the city and his startup is growing.

His self-tracking platform with a sleek UI has added a genetics and step tracking component and soon blood tracking. He’s also closed on a small sum of angel funding from key investors like Periscope founder Keyvon Beykpour.

Even Jack Dorsey has started using Gyroscope, he tells me. Sharma’s worked for well over two years! He called it AprilZero then but the idea grew to include friends and soon anyone who wanted to track themselves on a range of different metrics relating to health and wellness.

The plan now includes where you go, what you eat, how many times you go running in a year and how much time you spend staring at the screen in front of you.

Sharma developing his next big project

The platform seems like an outgrowth of the quantified self movement a movement pairing technology with personal data to help you improve your life in some mental or physical way. But Sharma shrugs off the suggestion.

I don’t like to place myself in that category, he says. Mainly because those guys are little weird. He’s not wrong. The movement, also known as life logging, conjures up images of folks wearing six different health tracking bands, sensors on their heads and measuring every little detail of their actions in every part of their life for what sometimes is very unclear.

But Sharma, whom we’ve written about before when he was just getting started, has shaped the platform up quite a bit since starting out. Gyroscope is in the App Store now!

He has thought about productivity components like how much time you spend surfing the internet each day and added a bit of a competitive enhancement to the platform, allowing you to compare how many steps you took compared to your friends on the platform.

He’s also launching a feature this summer called Insights, an AI component that aims to help you make connections between certain behaviors and what you log on the platform. Sharma tells me it would work by drawing these connections and then sending push notifications to motivate and remind those using Gyroscope to do something relating to their goals.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program




Do you want to become a certified yoga teacher? If you’re starting, the first step is to figure out what kind of program you wish to enroll in. There are many choices available, ranging from in-person classes to online yoga teacher certification programs. Here are some of the most crucial things to think about when you make your choice to check out this post on Yoga Teacher Training.


Take into account your learning style.


You might be enrolled in the most excellent yoga teacher certification program in the world, but if it doesn’t fit your learning style, you won’t get anything out of it. Consider how you learn the most effectively. For some, it may be in a studio environment. For others, it may be an intensive retreat halfway across the world, and for yet others, it may be an entirely online course. There is no correct or incorrect response.


Yoga teacher training isn’t like a college-level general education course. You don’t simply want to get by; you want to soak up as much information as possible.


Consider if you want something more disciplined or something more flexible and laid-back. Even if you’re taking courses online, there may be some that run on a tighter timetable and others that enable you to finish training on a schedule that works best for you. While making this choice, consider your learning style and lifestyle.


Examine the Professors


Throughout the yoga course, the teacher is critical to your success. Do your homework. Learn more about their teaching experience and how long they’ve been teaching yoga. You may also be able to learn about some of their former pupils and how they’re doing today. This is an excellent sign of their accomplishment!


There’s also something to say about how you feel about the teacher, depending on how you perceive them. Based on their website, reviews, and social media presence, do they seem to be someone you’d enjoy as a teacher? Follow your instincts!


Examine your program’s objectives.


While your ultimate aim may be to become a yoga teacher, you may have several sub-goals that should factor into your choice to enroll in a yoga training program. What are the areas, for example, where you know you need to make the most significant progress before you can get your yoga teacher certification? These are the areas of your program where you should concentrate the most.


Maybe you think your yoga abilities are pretty good, but you need to brush up on your anatomical knowledge before becoming a teacher. Perhaps you’re naturally flexible, but you’d want to improve your meditation skills. You’ll become a better, more well-rounded instructor if you choose a yoga curriculum that focuses on your present shortcomings.


Always go for Yoga Alliance-certified instructors.


You should always select a Yoga Alliance-certified program, regardless of your objectives or schedule. If you wish to work at a studio, you’ll undoubtedly need to enroll in a Yoga Alliance-approved program. However, you should never take a program’s certification for granted. Do your homework and, if necessary, ask questions.


This certification requires that every program satisfy rigorous course requirements, including teaching:




Creating a sequence


Meditation is a technique for calming the mind.


Practicing teaching


Hands-on alterations


Use of props


When you participate in a Yoga Alliance-certified program, you can be sure that you will get thorough training.


Take into account the Yoga Specialization.


If you’re already familiar with yoga, you’re aware of many types to choose from. While some programs may attempt to provide you with a broad understanding of many yoga styles, others will focus on a single style. If you know you want to specialize when you become a teacher straight immediately, seek a program that allows you to do so! If you’re not sure what kind of yoga you want to teach—or if you know you like to introduce several—look for a school that offers a variety of options.


YogaRenew offers an online yoga teacher training certificate.


After you’ve carefully considered all of these factors, you should be able to limit down your options to a few yoga teacher education programs and ultimately to only one. YogaRenew may be the solution if you’ve decided that online study is the best option for you. We teach yin, therapeutic, Hatha, and vinyasa yoga styles and have 200-hour, 320-hour, and 500-hour plans available. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with us right away!

We’re looking forward to seeing you go on this adventure, and we’d love to be a part of it!

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MLM Companies




For the masses, it’s an immensely mlm captivating idea: the chance to be your own boss, earn a good income, work pliable hours, lead a team, and validus possibly even have your own online sales site. If you have an entrepreneurial soul it would seem absolute, right? In fact, crowds try it through multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, a business model in which companies use independent distributors to sell their products or services directly to the public. Some validus Europe of the lion’s share famous companies that work under this model are Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon, Amway and Pampered Chef. But there are so many more that jointly represent a $35.4 billion-a-year industry in the United States. In 2018, more than validus dubai six million people in the United States 22% of them Hispanics participated in one of these businesses, mlm Pakistan uplifted by the possibility of achieving financial independence or supplementing their income. But the reality is how to signup in validus that the majority fail and do not bring out profits. They even lose money.


Key to Improve

“The hidden formula is that you have to look for how to login validus something not only to make money … it has to be something that you want, that you are passionate about, because that is network marketing company going to connect you with the product and people are going to feel it,” says Geraldine Otero, a 37-year-old Peruvian-Argentinean, who lives in San Antonio, who turned network marketing companies her passion for health and nutrition into a very profitable business.


Before Step-in

MLMs are a recognized mlm pakistan form of economic development, but you should acquaint yourself with them before you get involved. Validus registration If you are interested in making your way under this business model, reckon the following points:


Research the Company

Before putting your money, research the best MLM Plan, its officers and products. Have you had intricacy with the law? Validus company Are there consumer or seller complaints on forums or websites?

Check with others who have experience with the validus company and its products to determine if it’s worth getting involved.


Details of Process

To commence, companies validus dubai require you to purchase a kit of starter products. When you buy more products, the company gives you colossal discounts.


Companies encourage distributors to sell products how to signup in validus to their family and friends to start a network of customers. Few distributors now have “digital stores” on the internet and use social networks to foster the products they sell.


Legal Business

Not all MLM businesses are how to login validus legitimate. Some are pyramid schemes where they do not offer products or services, but rather try to recruit people, usually by offering get-rich-quick schemes to give money mlm companies and in turn recruit others to contribute more money to the pyramid. That is a humbug and it is illegal.


Understand the product

Is it serviceable, and something that people are looking for or need? Is it something that they will buy from validus you just once or very sporadically or repeatedly? Is it a product that requires a demo to understand its use and benefits, or a product that lends itself to selling online?


Understand the marketplace

Yonder your network of family and friends, under what circumstances will you act? For example, is the product you plan to sell from a well-known brand that advertises its products on social and traditional media? Who are your competitors? That is, other companies with similar products, or other distributors of your same company. Where and to whom do they sell? Is it a market that proposes direct communication, in more confidential meetings?


Ask direct questions

Work out the characteristics with company leaders and other distributors. Remember, it is your money, your investment and your future. As they answer you, you will be able to evaluate if it is really convenient for you to participate


Consider your interests, goals and personality

After all, do you relish validus dubai selling? If you think you won’t enjoy selling products to strangers, or keeping accounts; If you don’t have space to store a record or lack a reliable means of transportation, there are points against you. It doesn’t matter if the product is good or you have a solid business plan, if you don’t like selling or making new contacts, you will have a difficult time.

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Network marketing in the UK




Network marketing is defined as the Organizations that include offering items to loved ones and enlisting others to do likewise. It is also called multi-level marketing (MLM). In network marketing validus dubai, one needs to build and maintain a chain of partners to guide the people. In order to understand this validus topic, we need to have some basic knowledge about mlm pakistan the working of network marketing companies, the pros of a network marketing companies, a number of MLM companies working in the UK and why choosing the UK as their center.

Network marketing organizations how to login in validus offer their items or administration how to signup in validus through one individual to other deals. So, one can sell the products of these companies from home, or through an online source. The only way to make money in a network marketing company is by two ways. Either you have to work as a salesperson and sell the products and services to earn a commission, or you have to provide new members to the validus registration company and whatever these people are making you will also be getting a percentage from their income. In this way, these new recruiters become the downline or the distributor network.

Although network marketing companies are accused of running a pyramid scheme, this is not entirely true because there are many best MLM companies out there providing products and services to their customers. Network marketing is a type of business, and we know that wherever the word business comes there is always a chance of risk. To start a business one requires investment so either they have to have a lot of money or they have to take a loan from a mlm companies bank in order to start a business. But with network marketing, you can start with minimum investment and a lot of people are more than willing to make minimum investments because the chances of loss are low. So the more the people invest, the more the company get exposure and the chances to grow increase. In network marketing, mlm pakistan you are your own boss. You work when you feel like it, and you even work from the comfort of your own home. You can also use platforms like social media to promote your products, use the money for advertisement purposes or not use any money at all. Signing up on MLM companies is easy as some companies do not even require that you buy their membership. The chances of potential income are high as you validus europe can either take that job as a part-time or full time and the more you sell products and the more you refer people the commission you’ll be making.

If we look at the UK and its relation to network marking, validus it is under the direct control of DSA (the direct selling association UK). DSA was founded in validus dubai 1965 and its main goal is to protect the interests of its member companies. During the pandemic, how to signup in validus as people had nothing to do, they started getting involved in network marketing. The popularity of these MLM companies was particularly high among women because validus Europe it is reported that during the pandemic 32% of the women in the UK started working as MLM companies.

In concluding all this discussion, I’ll just say that every business has some pros and cons, likewise, network marketing validus also has some advantages and some disadvantages. But if we want to succeed then we have to also consider the advantages.

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