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How to Prepare for CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification?



The CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ exam is geared toward non-technical professionals. If you’re not familiar with cloud computing or CompTIA examinations, you’ll need some help studying for the exam. These are tried and true approaches that can be applied to any situation.

What is CompTIA Cloud Essentials+?

The first security certification that IT workers should pursue is CompTIA Security+. It establishes the fundamental knowledge needed for any cybersecurity profession and serves as a stepping stone to intermediate-level cybersecurity positions. Candidates that are chosen will have the following qualifications:

Understand the basics of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, as well as how to spot different sorts of breaches.

Install, configure, and deploy network components in order to support organizational security while assessing and resolving issues.

1)      Begin with a practical strategy: –

You should make a study strategy for each exam. Begin by working backwards from your scheduled test date. Consider how long it will take you to thoroughly cover the content. What is the duration of the CLO-002 practice exam? Do you have any upcoming trips or holidays? Make a note of it in your calendar. After you’ve sorted this out, you should schedule your exam so that you have a firm study deadline.

Make a plan to study for a set amount of time each day or weekend. It’s fine if you can’t make it on a weeknight. Being realistic entails this.

Make a firm plan for your studies. At each training session, complete a set number of Cloud Essential training videos with enough time to take the in-video quizzes.

2)      Highlights Definitions for Cloud Essentials+: –

Because CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification is a non-technical, first-time certification for cloud technologies, it places a strong emphasis on definitions over technical notions. Make a list of what you’ve learned so far, and then understand the definitions in context.

Among the most extensive videos in the course is really “Cloud Computing Defined” where Anthony gets into the technical cloud terms. Take your time with this video to learn the fundamental definitions. Make a list of definitions and then make flashcards out of them.

It will also be necessary to learn commonly misunderstood terms such as scalability versus elasticity, as well as availability and reliability. When it comes to exam day — and your understanding of the cloud — these contextual tags will help you recall the keywords and how they work.

3)      Sets of Practice Tests: –

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ CLO-002 Exam Prep comprises full-length CL0–002 practice test sets that are designed to assess your knowledge in real-world scenarios. Before taking your Cloud Essentials+ certification exam, you should take some practice tests consisting of hundreds of questions to guarantee you are well prepared.

4)      Establish a training schedule: –

You’ll need a way to incorporate positive CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification Training habits once you’ve set a program for your exam by Sprintzeal.

A solid study routine should not only correspond to your study goal, but it should also establish the location and time for study time. To begin, you must determine whether you are a night owl or an early riser. Most people remember information better at certain times of the day, and this varies by person. You’ll need to figure out when is the best time to train.It’s also a good idea to study in the same place each time. If you’re thinking about anything at work, get away from your desk. Turn your phone off. You should avoid distractions at all costs.

5)      Apply Business Knowledge to Your Own Organization: –

While you may not be required to move an application to the cloud as part of your work, you will almost certainly need to understand the business ramifications of doing so. CompTIA created this course to teach just that.

The rest of the exam is built around cloud definitions, but you should also understand what the cloud can achieve for your business. Look for case studies or examples from your own organization that demonstrate cloud benefits, legal consequences, or cost savings.

  • You’re All Set for Exam Day

Even the most non-technical of persons may pass the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ exam with a little determination, proper study habits, and can go on to more complicated topics once you finish your exam, but this one gets you started with some of the most important cloud topics you’ll need to advance your career.

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Everything you need to know about SMS & Text Message Competitions




SMS Competitions are part of the strategies of many marketing agencies or companies as a complement to those that can also be carried out through social networks.

The reason is very simple: these raffles or contests are among the ones that achieve the most results.

What are SMS contests?

In essence the idea is very basic. Through these SMS Competitions, your company is going to get customers, consumers or users of your products or services to send a short message to the phone number that you are going to provide them. The objective can be, for example, to qualify for a prize or a gift.

With this strategy you will achieve two very clear objectives: first, that users have a closer and more pleasant idea of ​​your company. It is giving them the possibility of accessing different prizes. And, secondly, the phone number of the participants, which you can later use to carry out SMS marketing campaigns.

Premium SMS Competitions allow users to access, by dialing a short number, to download content (games, videos, ringtones), as well as to participate in contests, raffles and voting organized by television programs. which guarantees, among other things, that the advertising of these services is more transparent and obliges companies that use them to send informative messages to the user with the price of the service and the identification of the person in charge.

In addition, in the contests an informative label must appear containing the number of calls received in the last ten minutes. In this way, the user will be informed about the number of participants and their chances of accessing the space.

Create SMS contests of different types:

Starting from this simple idea, you can opt for different types of draws to be carried out through SMS. The most common is to use those in which the participation codes or raffles are validated by winning moment. Let’s see what each of them consist of.

Raffle with code validation.

The requirement to participate in this type of raffle is to send an SMS Competitions with the code that appears on the packaging of one of your products. It is normally made up of numbers and letters, to the telephone number indicated.

Once the code has been validated, prizes can be awarded in different ways:

You may prefer to choose to run a prize draw at the end of the promotion on So until the determined date arrives, the winner will not be known.

Prizes can also be awarded based on the code the user submits. In this case, it is necessary for the participant to receive a reply SMS. This is true whether you have won or not.

Draw by Winning Moment.

These are similar to the last mentioned, but instead of depending on the code that is sent, it will depend on the selected winning moment. This can be established in different ways: awards each a number of messages sent. A prize every day or every hour. Prizes only for the first participants in the contest. Random prizes until the number of them runs out…

The benefits that this type of SMS Competitions will bring to your company will be several. In the first place, the satisfaction of that immediate reward is associated with the What can also become a viral element if the participants are echoed in social networks and secondly, a database of customer telephone numbers that can be used later for SMS marketing campaigns.

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